Trek Across Canada

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The Push for Change is dedicated to helping @RISK YOUTH in Canada - to build and re-build self-esteem, and to provide these kids the skills and knowledge to lead productive lives, and keep off the streets.

Joe Roberts and Dr Sean Richardson are building an engagement odyssey that will have Joe (a former homeless street kid turned successful businessman) push a shopping cart across North America beginning in Spring 2016.

We are committed to this event creating a legacy of sustainable change for troubled kids. Awareness and fleeting inspiration are not good enough. We will not rest until we see real, sustainable change.

As part of a build up for the cross-continental tour, there will be a trek from Calgary to Vancouver scheduled this summer. Find out how you can get involved - Learn more on FaceBook

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Where do the donations go?

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100% of all DONATIONS goes to supporting 2 key areas for @RISK YOUTH:

1. PREVENTION (early intervention) = we are supporting existing programs, and developing new programs, within schools, that help @risk kids to get through school, help them to build self esteem, and prepare them to get jobs once they are finished

2. RECOVERY (late intervention) = we are supporting, and collaborating to enhance, existing programs, provided by community-based organizations, that help @risk kids, who are already out there on the streets, to put a roof over their heads, provide them with care and support to re-build self esteem, and teach them vocational skills to survive on their own.

Bottom line is that money will go toward programs that are designed to build and re-build self-worth and provide skills and knowledge to lead productive lives for @risk youth, and prevent them from ending up on the street, fighting addiction and homelessness like Joe did.

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Be a Part of the Change

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We are looking for support in a number of areas.

Its not always money that is the greatest gift to support a cause.

Often its other gifts, like the gift of time the gift of message, the gift of talent.

Our project by design is a call to action for all of us to do something.

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Our Big "Why" for doing this.

Our vision is to engage and inspire as many people as possible and to create a positive impact on @RISK and homeless youth in Canada.

We believe in HUMAN BRILLIANCE, the idea that everybody has possibilities within them, which may currently be hidden from view. We see this brilliance in youth and want to create a legacy project that addresses the causal factors of @RISKNESS & homelessness, and that bolsters resources needed to reach kids in need.



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