This is probably the best captured and distilled version of my story ever done by a journalist – If you want to understand the Push for Change listen to this podcast. Bravo Richard Syrett from the CBC!



Metamorphosis aired on CBC Radio throughout the summer of 2012. On Metamorphosis, the show talked about elemental transformation. The kind Dickens wrote about. The kind where leopards really do change their spots.

Episode 1 featured Joe Roberts from his days on the street in Vancouver before his transformation to CEO.

RichardSyrettRichard Syrett is the host, series creator, writer, and co-producer of Metamorphosis.

Richard is a veteran radio and television broadcaster, having begun his career in the early 90s producing talk radio in Toronto.  By the late 90s he moved behind the microphone and continues to host his own weekly talk show, exploring alternate realities.  He also hosts and writes a documentary televison series based on his weekly radio program, called The Conspiracy Show which airs across Canada on Vision TV.

He has appeared on numerous television shows, including William Shatner’s Weird or What?, Animal Planet’s Freak Encounters, and The Travel Channel’s Destination Fear.

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