Blog-a-logue Entry 1 – Seek & Express Brilliance!

By April 22, 2012Human Brilliance

Blog-a-logue entry 1

This entry  marks our first written exchange, dating back to Feb 15, 2011, about Human Brilliance. Prior to this exchange, Joe had just completed a workshop in Thought Leadership – how to extract the best of your thinking in ways that others will value – and Sean, noting the great thinking Joe has done in his life and the extraordinary challenges he has overcome, had expressed to Joe that he is Brilliant.  Here, Joe reflects on this emotional turning point in his life, where he realizes that the once ‘seemingly permanent’ sense of low self-esteem that held him back for so long is nothing more than an illusion.

From Joe:

On a personal note I have been reflecting.  As I sit on the brink of an outpouring that will become a life’s work, I can’t help but think all the stuff that has happened in my life thus far.  The hurt, the let downs, the wins and triumphs.  And yet in all of that there was this little kid who was simply looking for his Dad – a kid seeking acceptance in this vast and sometimes hard world, a kid looking for someone to say – You’re Brilliant Joe!

Many people until now have said this to me but I did not or could not hear it.  My dream of altruistic and massive change, my dream of reaching potentially millions of people with a message of hope, is a possibility that you have encouraged from the day we met.

When I reach that day, and I will, I will look back and remember the guy who I heard it from first.

You in I, and I in you, together as friends completing our WHY!

From Sean:

Thank you, Joe, for letting me into your world, for trusting me, for summoning the courage to be vulnerable around me… for sharing your ideas, helping me… for being a great friend… for being the brilliance that you are 🙂

You and I are why we do what we do.


Insight: if you feel lousy about yourself, this compromised sense of self worth makes it difficult to be in touch with your potential – what we call BRILLIANCE; however, suffering in silence on your own will not help you to get unstuck; allow others, who care, to help shine that light on who you really are.

Insight: if you are in a position to help another person, never underestimate the impact you can have with your words; seek something more in someone else than they see in themselves, and then tell them… out loud!