Blog-a-logue Entry 2 – Courage to change YOU first

Blog-a-logue Entry 2

In this exchange, dated Feb 25, 2011, Joe coins a phrase that strikes a chord with both of us – “epidemic of self-worth.” He puts some words down about insights into the mechanisms of change.

From Joe:

I think that the real problem is that people are hurting like me.  All of us in our own form of self imposed skid rows.  The false beliefs’ and patterns we collect along the way that impede our growth, that limit our strength and courage really to reach for our masterpieces – the thing you called your WHY.  These false beliefs create circular patterns that time after time produce the same mediocre results – I think until those are dealt with, nothing changes.

However the hope is that if and when this epidemic of self worth catches on we could see some really cool things.  The big issues that face our world will be tackled by individuals with a sense of wholeness never before seen on this planet.  That each of us will tackle a piece of the macro problem armed with our Opus work.  As we march toward our destinies of what Maslow called self actualization I think we could change the world and we will.  But not a moment before we change ourselves.


From Sean:

I just read this again. IT is brilliant. What’s more – it is not just the concepts that are brilliant. The writing is beautifully poetic. Worth the effort.

My experience, working as a psychologist, is that so much of what is at the core of poor choices in life, dysfunctional behaviour, defensiveness, fear, anxiety, depression, conflict (and the list goes on) is this thing you have referred to as a “compromised sense of self-worth” – developed from the false beliefs borne out of hurtful circumstances and difficult experiences growing up. I agree (and it may be cliched), but you do have to work on your own stuff before you can be your most powerful in helping others to break through the false beliefs in their lives.

Joe, if thinking about all of this epidemic of self-worth is causing you anxiety and discomfort, stick with it, it means you are in the right place….



Insight: we are all extraordinary… deep down inside; we all have something to share with the world, but it is blocked by hurt – learned from our experiences of the past. Courage is necessary to turn inward to resolve that hurt, before we can turn outward and make our biggest impact on the world.