Blog-a-logue Entry 3 – Keep Inspired

Blog-a-logue Entry 3

In this exchange from March 4, 2011, we talk about the inspiration that spreading an epidemic of self-worth creates… it keeps you awake at night. Joe gets into the compulsion to act, driven by purpose –

 From Sean:

By the way, I woke up at 4am this morning and couldn’t get back to sleep because of the infectious idea of self worth roaming through my head… started scribbling notes in the dark until my daughter woke up at 5am…

We are onto something here.

From Joe:

I know we are.  I feel that this past 18 months I have been pulled into something bigger than me Sean.  Energy, destiny, purpose, something hard to describe.

It may be the seeding and manifesting of unconscious thought or something else.  It matters not.  I feel I’m on a moving conveyor belt set in motion.  That belt is guiding me to a platform and a stage (metaphorically and literally).  The work we do in the next 12-18 months will be what happens after the introduction has been read – people will leave and lives will change – damn straight we’re onto something.

We will look back on this time when the biographer asks – so what was going on for you in those early days…

You will reply: “I couldn’t sleep, I used to wake up early mornings and scribble notes – we were so excited about this idea.”


Insight: all change, all transformation, all movements have a start date… and a journey of hard work before you achieve the big results. Get started by connecting to your purpose, and keep inspired by acknowledging where you have come from and where you will go.

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