Blog-a-logue Entry 4 – Integrity and Brilliance

Blog-a-logue Entry 4

Here, in an excerpt from March 6, 2011, we talk about the driving force of purpose, what we often refer to as the ‘big why.’ For us, it comes back to this thing we call “brilliance” – seeking, finding and expressing more in people that we can currently see – finding the brilliance that is so often hidden from view in a person. If we can help people, especially those who are struggling in life, to find their own brilliance, to feel good inside despite life’s setbacks, we know we can make a meaningful difference. The discussion moves to one about integrity – doing as you say.

From Joe:

There are lots of big ideas – lets nail the IP and be able to articulate the WHY.

The push back that I have gotten so far in talking about the epidemic of self worth is “that sounds like pay it forward”… yes it does sounds like that, and in some ways it is. The difference with Pay it Forward is that it was a movie, not a movement. In the movie, nobody dedicated their life’s work to doing this. If I do this, I want to be all in from now on and for all days that follow.

For me, this will become more than who I am.

Since this idea bit me, I have begun to change…

I see brilliance in everyone. I see it in their faces and their smiles. In those who can’t see it –  it’s because their dimmer switch is turned way too low. I can see brilliance everywhere and in everyone. I am changing because of this.


From Sean:

I hear what you are saying about changing… It becomes an integrity thing. I look at people differently, and if I feel the shift. If we want to spread this epidemic of self-worth, we can’t do things for ourselves that are contrary to what we are creating with the brilliance movement.

There are no rules about people – some people will get the self-worth bug and others won’t. There is something good to see in everyone and it is about making the effort to look for it and express it.




Insight: If you come up with a universal message of that can make a difference to others, you have to have integrity in practicing that message yourself to be successful in making that message stick with others. If you want people to seek, find and express brilliance in others, you have to lead the way and practice seeking, finding and expressing it in all people you come across.

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  • Dave C says:

    I read a story about a sage who stated to his apprentice that everyday he prayed for the world, and then went to find a neighbour to render assistance. Large things can start from humble beginnings.