Blog-a-logue Entry 5 – Action in the Face of Feelings

Blog-a-logue Entry 5

In this exchange for March 11, 2011, we are discussing the challenge of staying in action, despite your emotions telling you that you don’t feel like doing anything.

From Joe

I did not want to get out of bed today I have been depressed and fearful.  The client I worked for today did not answer emails.  He in essence ignored me despite my repeated attempts. I showed up.  Did my job.  Was thanked for the effort.

I had started out discouraged, and distracted by a client who seemed to lack integrity. Someone, who previously I might have judged harshly… but this time I chose not to. I found his brilliance when I looked deeper.  I am seeing it everywhere.  It is amazing.

My win was simply showing up today.


From Sean

Depression and fear are some of the most normal expressions of human beingness… nothing wrong with either one of those – they just tell you that something is going on in your body and mind in response to something else. Sometimes, it is telling you to be nice to yourself and take some more rest; sometimes, it is telling you that there are still remnants of past negative memories about self floating around in the system. Regardless, you did what you needed to do today – show up – the simplicity of success – just do the doing. Success does not rely on how you feel, just on what you do.

Choosing is a thing that you do. Choosing to see brilliance in another is the doing that will lead to transformation.

It is amazing.

I think you are brilliant, mate, for taking on that part of being human that stops so many people from the doing.

Anything is always possible – and even when things don’t go your way – the action to fulfill possibilities ensures that you never regret not trying.

Possibility… we live for that.



Insight: The simplicity of success is that to achieve it, you must stay in action regardless of how you feel. We are not saying that emotions are not important; we are not saying you should block them out; rather, we are saying to acknowledge your emotions, listen to what they might be telling you, but then, as long as it won’t harm you to do so, keep going, keep doing, no matter how you feel. If we waited to feel good or motivated each time before taking the critical action to make an effective change or achieve an important results in our lives, we would likely achieving less than half of the things we set out to accomplish.