Blog-a-logue Entry 6 – Choose Who You Are RIght NOW

Blog-a-logue Entry 6

In this entry, back on March 14, 2011, Joe shares some insights on the deeper workings of the mind using a football analogy. Sean has a few reflections as well.

From Joe

I had a thought the other day:

My mind is a football stadium. The ego is the owner controlling the show. He has a vested interest in keeping the tempo of the game fierce and fast.

On the field there are two teams, The Past and The Future. The game never ends; it just goes back and forth.

The video plays and replays and old scenes from previous games. They always get a roar from the crowd.

In the crowd are all flavours of noisy participants – Angry Fan, Nervous Fan, Happy Fan, Greedy Fan – the list is as endless as the range of human emotion. The place is packed every day and night. The noise inside is awesome.

There are reporters and commentators that analyze and reanalyze every detail, again and again, all making various different meanings.

Away from all the noise and chaos stands The watcher (he is a large dude with sunglasses – like a stereotypical bouncer at a New York club).  He says nothing. He just watches the show from just inside one of the gate openings. He prefers not to be involved but to keep a close eye on what’s happening at all times.

The truth is the game is only past and present; therefore, it is an illusion. It is not, was not and never will be reality.  Reality is NOW. It is outside the stadium. It is endless blue sky, deafening silence and the liberation of all imposters past and present. Reality is not inside. The choice will be to pay attention to what’s going on and stay mindful.

Easier said than done.

Today I experienced more presence than I think I ever have.

About to speak to a big group tomorrow morning.

Living the dream…

From Sean

I like the analogy… of course (it is about sport).

Methinks there is a role for the coach in all of this, maybe something like the following:

A bad coach gets caught up in the back and forth of past to future. He is full of anxiety about the illusion of the game that has become his reality and he says things to you that keep you trapped in the illusion of suffering.e chastises you for a bad play, yells at you in front of your teammates, undermines your power and your focus…

A good coach, however, understands the illusion. He knows this is just a game. He keeps you focussed on the now. He empowers you to feel good about yourself and to choose your reality freely. He hopes you will stay a while and help him win the game, but he know that his best role in helping you is to see beyond the stadium and give you the tools to stay present in, mindful of, and liberated from every illusion with which the world and others out there surround you.

Just some thoughts… Question: how can you be like a good coach for others?



Insight: To free yourself from internal turmoil, it is crucial to see that the current reality you may be struggling with is no more real than the chaotic football battle between past and future Joe describes, creating an illusion of who you really are. Who you are right now is who you choose to be.