Blog-a-logue Entry 7 – Sharing Ideas around Brilliance

Blog-a-logue Entry 7

These discussions are from March/April 2011. Joe and Sean had been talking about this idea of spreading an epidemic of self worth – helping others to see and tap into their own inner brilliance; here is an early germination of the idea of working together to make a difference to others on the planet – a foreshadowing of how we might combine eventually to create the passion behind the Push for Change.

From Sean

Doing lots of thinking about the self-worth bug – we need to write our story around it.

You bring the experiential piece – the deep authentic experience of going on the journey to finding your brilliance.

I bring the scientific & therapeutic piece – the academic insight into the neuro-psychology of self-worth and the experience of working with so many people, who have struggled with negative self-worth, to help them break through the false barriers

Together we create a narrative of the experience and science of self-worth.

Maybe start capturing your side of the narrative and I will capture mine. We want to get this stuff out there…  we want to start blogging and sharing it – this thinking is now out there in the ether and we need to run with it!

Excited mate… really excited!!

Speak this arvo


From Joe

OK – I have put together a bit of our narrative from my point of view.

Since 1992 I have had a mission statement in my pocket that in essence says that I want to inspire and create change.  As a father, husband, business owner, speaker and community leader I have fulfilled this mission day by day for these past many years. Yet, something has been missing.

Having a solid understanding of my purpose in life has helped me know what and what not to spend my time on. It has also served in attracting like mind people to things I believe strongly in. As an individual who had a rough start to life, I believe in prevention and building people at a core level to avoid having others make the same mistakes I made. I believe that building and investing in people is the greatest investment we can make.

This past year I spoke at a non profit event in Vancouver where I met a like minded colleague. We immediately clicked and began a spirited series of conversations. In turned out that we both share a very similar WHY in life. Our ethos or life purpose seemed to be almost the same. What is interesting is we hail from very different backgrounds. My story is one of experiential loss of Brilliance, the dwelling in low self worth and all that can happen as a result, and the subsequent searching, finding and reclaiming of self worth.

Dr Sean Richardson comes from the scientific perspective. With a PhD in performance psychology Sean knows why human beings behave this way and intuitively understands the science behind the mindware of mankind. Sean has worked extensively with elite athletes and people of all walks of life, helping to break down barriers to understanding and redeveloping healthy thinking and behaviours. Sean understands the neuro-psychology that explains our experiences, and the practical psychological processes for helping people uncover their true brilliance that has always been there.

I know because he helped me see things that were hidden from my view. He helped me find my Brilliance.

The more we compared notes the more we realized we want the same things. To create, develop and foster a movement that builds an epidemic of self worth in people.  By tackling the issues from both the scientific and experiential side of this complex issue together we have developed ideas that help people discover their Brilliance, understand why we lose brilliance and self worth and tools on how to share and teach others to spread self worth.

One afternoon in a coffee shop in Vancouver, caffeinated and having previously taken a Thought Leaders program with Sean, I began to doodle, and an idea came to mind that could help kids. What if we created an epidemic of self worth?  A virus like social phenomenon that connected people and served only to build and develop self esteem. The idea is big.  The methodology is simple. I shared this idea with Sean – right away it became clear that he had been developing similar ideas on self esteem for years.  His comments were that, if it was to work, the idea has to have sound science behind it.  There has to be solid reasoning for embarking on a program that connects people and the reason why this process works.

And so it began…

I guess in hindsight we are like the Jekyll and Hide of personal development.  The the merging of Science and Experience.

We both understand that a small but thorough idea has the power to create change.



Insight: If you have big ideas, get them out there. Talk about them openly with people. You never know who you might connect with. You never know who might share the same big idea, from a different angle, and you never know how the two of you working together is far more powerful than two separate individuals. Connecting to others shows us that, indeed, 1 + 1 =3.