A Break Through Day for The Push for Change

By March 4, 2013Challenges

After 15 months we feel today was a break through day in deciphering the Push for Change’s direction for the coming two years.  Our idea from the start has always been to engage people into PFC  in order for them to get to feel how wonderful it is to support youth on the street.  We envisioned a cross Canada trek that has tens of thousands of helpers all contributing their part to make a big difference in the lives of others.

What would it be like to change someone’s life?  How much time would it take to ask your friends to help?  How could we do something nationally that impacts those that need it most in out our own back yard?  We at The Push for Change are working on these very ideas.

When I got home tonight I learned that Clayton Heights Secondary School is planning a fundraiser for PFC.  They already rose over $800 during the holidays!

At the end of the day PFC is about awakening the possibility in you to change the world of another. One school, one community and one life at a time!

Stay tuned!!!