World changing ideas are hard! It’s easy to get stuck, to give up and maybe sometimes it’s the best move on.

Building a National Campaign is not something that happens on a weekend. Yes the inspiring idea is born and gets us excited but then the real work begins. This past week Sean Richardson, Tyrone Lingley and I have been asking the tough questions and doing the tedious work to move The Push for Change forward.

In the end Action must prevail, we must always remember to be in action because when we are in action we connect with what initially inspired us. Often, it’s what we see in peripheral vision that becomes the solution we were seeking.

The great thing about world changing ideas is it invites the BEST people who always give more of themselves because they share the vision, the purpose and the WHY of a project. I am blessed to have such friends who help me and the cause.

One day in the not too distant future we will be walking that last kilometer of 9000 down Hastings Street in Vancouver all wearing a grin of accomplishment looking back at an idea that change the lives of countless homeless youth.

Yes, that’s the vision I hold today!

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