We promised to keep you updated so here are the highlights over the past few weeks.

The Push for Change is delighted to announce our Partnership with Raising the Roof Canada.  Our goal from the start has always been to support the end of youth homelessness in Canada.  Over the past few months we have managed to build a collaborating team that includes The Canadian Observatory on Homelessness and A Way Home a national coalition created to help prevent, reduce and end youth homelessness.

We have landed on a project that will have the most impact and promise for preventing youth homelessness.  It’s called the Upstream Project and will be led by Dr Stephen Gaetz

The goal of the Upstream Project is to transform the way we respond to youth homelessness by shifting the focus to prevention while still supporting emergency services.  Over the next five years, we hope to support 25 Canadian communities (up to five a year) with planning and implementation of school-based prevention programs.

With a clear direction of what PFC’s legacy will be we turned back to planning the route and the engagements along the way.

Just a little under one year before we leave St John’s.