Who likes “Cold Calling”? I don’t.

At different times in your life you may have had to knock on doors, collect pledges, dial the phones for a politician, or even in sales as a professional business person.  It’s a tough task no matter what you are asking for because of the possible personal rejection.  This week The Push for Change began to call/email companies that we had no connection to whatsoever and explain what we are doing and if they would help.  Some respond well, others not so well. It’s easy to give up until we remember to connect to the reason why we are doing this whole thing in the first place.

Now imagine a 14 year old girl calling home from the streets of Toronto in November only to be told “Don’t Come Home!”  That is the reality for over 67% of young people that experience homelessness in Canada.  They come from a home that has conflict, and for a number of reasons, simply can’t go home.  So, what will her choices be?

As difficult as it is to take rejection building the Push for Change campaign we believe it is equalling important to forge onward.  The time has come for us to reduce, prevent and end youth homelessness because no child should be alone with these decisions to make.