Day 22 – Mister Blister

By May 22, 2016Uncategorized

Early into the trek we learned that my knee was not tracking properly so we adjusted and applied taping techniques to pull my muscles back into place. It worked beautifully, the knee pain went away. The only problem was that my gait changed. No big deal if you’re only doing a bit of walking but I am walking 24KM every day.

So the predictable happened and I developed really huge blisters on the ends of each of my fourth toes (beside pinky). It also does not help that Newfoundland weather this time of year is very wet and moisture ads to blister problems.

Here is where my training and experience became very useful. I have had blisters before and I have learned that they are manageable. All you need to do is drain the blister to remove the pressure and then wrap them tight to avoid friction. Of all the products I have used duct tape of all things works best for eliminated friction.

When I first experiences blister they felt like “show stoppers” but I learned that all they were only a little inconvenience. By working through the pain and managing the problem I was able to continue.

Sometime our emotions can be like blisters. Problems feel bigger than they really are. And often when we experience these “emotional blisters” we get out of action. They in fact stop us. We find ourselves paralyzed by fear and pain when the next step looks so scary and painful. My advice is to take the next step anyway. What you will learn is that it’s not really that bad after all.

Building resiliency with young people when they get blisters is part of what The Upstream Project is all about and one of the ways we can prevent young people from cycling out. When young people get stuck we help guide the next steps and ensure that something small does not become a roadblock that impedes them from moving forward or worse has them stuck in one place for too long.

So in the face of uncertainly my advice is to take whatever steps are needed despite your emotional or real blisters!