Day 113 – Wonky Wheel

By August 21, 2016Uncategorized

wonky wheel 1

Every one of us at some time has come across a shopping cart that has a “Wonky Wheel”.

It’s so frustrating trying to get the thing to go where you want it to go.

Some of us fight through it frustrated; some of us abandon the cart entirely exhausted from the experience.

What if we abandoned everything that was hard in life? What it every time it got hard we simply quit?

Addressing the issues that affect youth homelessness is one of those things we can’t abandon.

Just because it appears hard and at times frustrates us, it is no reason to quit.

Addressing prevention, emergency services and housing first initiatives can help us fix those “Wonky Wheels” in life, in fact that’s the change we are pushing for!

After all, young people aren’t shopping carts, we can’t just abandon them when they appear broken.

Join us and together we can help straighten out the path for Canadian youth.