Day 127 – Less is More

By September 4, 2016Uncategorized

Seeking security where there is none to be found.

The ribbons of never ending highway give me time to pause and think. Think about how we don’t think. How we spend our lives rushing to and fro searching, seeking for that illusive thing that will make us happy and complete. Sadly, lives are spent just this way, in the pursuit of things. Money, accolades, success, power, sex, you name the distraction and I can point out someone chasing it this very day. In fact, that person may even be me.
But in the end what is there to gain? Do we ever find the gold at the end of any rainbow or is it simply a trick the ego mind plays on us to keep our feet moving to avoid the bigger questions? Like what does life really mean?

I’m not saying I have the answer for the big question but I understand that it isn’t in any of the above pursuits or a thousand more that hold the same impermanence. So why do we chase “carrots”? I think it’s because they offer us a sense of security and a sense of purpose. It gives us something to do to avoid the futility that one day we will in fact be dead. Everyday our survival instinct knows this fact yet every day we live our lives in denial of this. We pretend that we will somehow escape our “dirt nap” so we fill our time with stuff, with chase, with busyness and hope that if we hum loud enough, reason will not poke its head above the surface of conscious thought.

It is this kind of thinking that has caused me to think and feel that we have it all wrong. We have been taught and conditioned over the last 100 years to consume and strive, to get more, drive bigger, have the latest toys and “be all that you can be”. We have been programmed to NOT SIT STILL and not invest in the miracle of now. Instead we mortgage our “NOW” for gadgets, cheap entertainment and trade our time for money.
I don’t think we need more, I think we need less, much much less. And if we all awakened to less I think that we could solve world problems in the blink of an eye. Youth homelessness, a start, but possibly even war and world hunger might melt away in the mindful wakening of life consciousness.
Altruism has always been a place I enjoy wandering, but who knows maybe it’s just another vice.