Day 263 – Mediocrity

By January 18, 2017Uncategorized

Mediocrity is the well worn path of humanity.  Why? Because it’s easy and more importantly natural.  The extra mile on the road of life is not crowded because it’s an unnatural space for people to be in.  Why would anyone do more than is required?  Why would someone invite extra work into their life?  Why would anyone put in hours to accomplish something that has no immediate need?

When tackling Big Goals one finds themselves on these seemingly lonely stretches of highway.  Sometimes even doubting the reasons for setting out on the journey to begin with.

The mind forgets quickly, we set goals in the passion of a moment not taking into account that the inspiration that fueled the commitment will at some point fade.  And like the second booster of a space bound rocket so it is we need to connect to a deep source of motivation to continue to bring our Big Goals into orbit.  For Big Goals need purpose.

Walking across Canada is no simple task.  Training, sponsorship, logistics all crept into the space that was once occupied by inspiration.  Instead of giddy optimism we are faced with the fear associated with probability thinking.  The vacillation between the two burns energy and distracts from the committed task at hand.

Picture this!  When things crowd the space where inspiration sits it requires the vigilance and resiliency to “check the ticket” and eject the unwanted fraudsters that are fear, uncertainty and doubt, and replace with VIP’s needed for any Big Goal.

I have been fortunate to have met some of the biggest leaders in business, government and philanthropy across Canada.  There is one thing common on every desk regardless of the personality or style of the person I’m visiting.  I see most often there are photos of family.  I guess as a leader whose career demands much from them they need reminders of why they sacrifice the time and effort they do.

For me that picture is of kids that deserve a chance.  Kids just like me who given the opportunity could really become all they were meant to be.  This is the picture I hold up when stuff gets hard.