Day 348 – Providence

By April 14, 2017Uncategorized


There is something about entering into the mystic and unknown brain science for us when talking about Big Goals.  Whether we believe in a monotheistic God, a religious entity or head of the universe or whether we believe in something less tangible and nebulous we can all agree on one thing.  Greater forces are at work, a higher thinking, a thread that although yet undefined or categorized by conventional science we “know” exists.

When we begin to do good things (or that which we feel is good) I think we tap into not only Our Purpose but “ITS” purpose which creates a chain reaction of conspired events.  It is then we see the puzzle pieces move on their own and fall into place as the energy force of the universe works alongside the Big Goal as the silent partner.  We smile and acknowledge the anonymity of the Almighty at work.