Walking 9,000km across Canada is an idea our friends inspired – they give us great encouragement for taking on such a crazy challenge. Walking long distance is great; however, it has been done by many before – but not with a shopping cart – it is this idea of pushing a cart that seems to stimulate the imagination of most.

cartCloseup292There have been so many questions:

  • Can you ride it?
  • Will it have a cup holder?
  • Will it have an “internet cam”?
  • What will go in the cart?
  • Will you place sponsors names on the side?

So many ideas began popping that we had to grab paper and capture them all.

We thought that the shopping cart was a great way to capture attention as well as its symbolic representation of chronic homelessness in North America.

Bigger questions around the impact of wind and weather, weight, materials and designing it for Joe’s body to minimize risk of injury have all been big issues on our minds.

ody1Our first step has been to engage some high school students to begin a preliminary design. We connected with Pinetree Secondary Odyssey of the Mind Team, an international educational program that provides creative problem-solving opportunities for students.

Odyssey Angels which is sub group of the larger organization was created to help the “thinkers” of Odyssey of the Mind build projects that have significant community impact. Our project fell under this group’s mandate. ody2When the team completed building the prototype cart, they submit their video to Odyssey of the Mind in the US and the winners were invited to the Finals for Odyssey of the Mind Competition. In doing so they won the world wide award and were flown to Iowa State University where Joe was also flown in and they were honored and presented an award in front for over 20,000 Odyssey of the Mind participants from around the world.

It was here the design and all the ideas began to come together.

Find out more about Odyssey Angels at www.odysseyangels.org/content/2011-2012-odyssey-angels

Cart Sponsors

We would like to acknowledge the people who put their time, energy & resources into getting us started! 





We want to thank Chariot Carriers for their generous donation of CX1 with all the “bells and whistles” for use in Joe’s trek across the country.

Check them out: www.chariotcarriers.com

Chariot is a Thule owned company based out of Calgary with a vision that aligns very well with The Push for Change.  Thanks guys!

AASteelWe also want to acknowledge the guys at A & A Steel Enterprises for jumping on board to construct the shopping basket part of the cart, which was added to the Chariot from the design the students gave us. It is a great example of what young people and business can do together.

A&A are now working on cart number two!

Check them out: www.aasteel.ca