Joe Roberts is an inspirational example of overcoming adversity and managing change.

In 1989, he was living under a bridge, homeless on skid row. Today he is an advocate, author and the Executive Director of The Push for Change.

Joe has witnessed human behaviour at its depths and its peaks, in personal and professional life, and he has captured his experiences in thought-leading principles that are critical to success.

He is the former President and CEO of a successful multimedia company. Joe is a well polished inspirational speaker that has delivered his keynote to over 1,000,000 people over the last 15 years.

He is committed to helping young people break through their most difficult barriers and is the perfect front man for The Push for Change.

Joe thrives on the idea of Being On Purpose.




As the Campaign Director, Marie provides all administrative support to The Push for Change.

Marie2With a 25 year career in accounting, her analytical, technical, and organizational skills have proven invaluable in developing The Push for Change campaign with Joe Roberts. Her leadership abilities and relationship management lend themselves well to her role as Campaign Director.

During the 18 month trek her main duties include managing the team, the fundraising campaigns, the event calendar, the budget, volunteers and in general being the go-to-person for all Trek-related operations. She is Joe’s champion and support person.

Deep down Marie has always been a nurturer, someone you can count on and someone who is highly dependable. She is the “glue” that holds teams and projects together. Her role in the business world as well as her role as a friend, a daughter, a sister and a mother reflect this deeply. When asked if she would take on that role with PFC there was no moment of pause. Her commitment was swift and has remained constant. We are fortunate to have her at the helm.

Also worthy to note; Marie is Joe’s new bride and their history spans back 30 years as high school sweethearts in the 1980’s. Some people say working together is something couples shouldn’t do.  We think that’s nonsense as there is no better team to tackle Canada!




As co founder of The Push for Change, Dr. Richardson has shared multiple roles over the four years of campaign development.


Sean was crucial in the beginning of the Push for Change with key contributing ideas; the shopping cart concept, the name change to “The Push for Change”, the development of mission and purpose, the planning and execution of the 2012 “qualifier” walk from Calgary to Vancouver and most importantly helping Joe prepare mentally and physically for the years of training it took to get this far.

Sean is a performance psychologist, with a PhD in the sport psychology of excellence; he intuitively understands what starts and stops people from succeeding. He is a former elite athlete and an expert in High Performance. He is a consultant to CEOs, Executive Leaders, Olympians and professional athletes.

The bottom line is, with Sean’s help, Joe has been able to perform at a level necessary to take on a challenge of this magnitude.

Sean’s contribution to The Push for Change is as a team-mate to Joe, a friend, a training consultant, and most of all a professional advisor on everything that will make The Push for Change a success. Sean brings the experience of building high performance mindsets combined with the competency necessary for dealing with the inevitable psychological roadblocks that stand in our way.



Grey Simcoe Sports Med

Relocating The Push for Change campaign to Ontario from BC presented some challenges with our network of training professionals and rehabilitation resources. One phone call to Rick and Tamara Schaly had this problem solved.

Throughout 2015/16 Sports Medicine and Rehabilitation in partnership with Mind to Muscle have been working with Joe to provide all the necessary support to stay healthy and leverage all opportunities to promote conditioning and injury prevention.  With Sports Medicine, Joe has full access to Chiropractic, Physiotherapist, Registered Massage Therapist, medical doctors and rehabilitation specialists if needed. Mind to Muscle provides two professional coaches, sports trainers, nutritionist and access to a state of the art gym/conditioning centre.

On top of the best professionals, Trainer’s Choice is supporting Joe with nutritional supplements, consumable athletic supplies and products like Dr.Cool to help with sports recovery and injury prevention.

All three companies have adopted the Push for Change and when we spoke at their annual meeting to thank them they surprised us yet again with their generosity and presented PFC with a $4700 cheque that employees had raised over the past year.

Could not ask for better team-mates!