Are you a community change maker?
Want to get involved at the grass roots level?
Want to walk in Joe’s footsteps and know what it’s like to Push for Change?
Well now is your chance to “Walk with Joe”!

Using his determination for change and his passion to make a difference, Joe Roberts will walk over 9000 KMs to inspire change and shed light on the problem of youth homelessness.

Here’s your chance to join him and take part in the The Push For Change!

Fundraise a minimum of $100 for the cause in order to join Joe along the route.
Once you’ve reached your goal we will let you know when Joe will be in your area.
The 1-5 km (max) walk will take place between noon and 1pm on a specified day.
During this hour you will “Walk with Joe” and join the Push for Change.
While this walk can be a challenge we are sure that you have what it takes and want to welcome you onto the Push For Change team!

Click here to start your fundraising campaign now!

Once you’ve raised your minimum amount of $100 please email for information on the route closest to you.

You will then be sent the date, location and exact time to meet Joe and complete your walk.

We thank you for your support and cannot wait to see you “Walk with Joe”.

Are you a superstar fundraiser?
Want to super charge your “Walk with Joe”?
Well you can also participate in our “Celebrity Cart Challenge”

Raise a minimum of $1000 and you can push our Celebrity Cart along with Joe.
There is only ONE celebrity cart in the Walk with Joe Campaign!

This is your chance to experience what is like to push a cart across the country and to help raise awareness of the problem of youth homelessness in Canada. We’d love for you to push our celebrity cart and can’t wait for you to be involved. Take a look at the guidelines below:

This fundraising effort, by reservation only, invites you to walk with Joe, pushing our Celebrity Shopping Cart for a portion of a pre-determined day, up to 5 k
Register online below:

Register here – you will receive confirmation by email

  • You will be notified of Celebrity Cart availability for your preferred city/town and the exact date upon submission of this form. Visit "The Route" for a rough timeline and check here often for exact schedule coming soon.


You must raise a minimum donation of $1,000 per kilometre (to a maximum of 5kms).

Click here to use our online crowdfunding page! Set a goal and network for support

Limited number of days available, commit today and be the “Change Maker” in your community!

Walk with Joe & Celebrity Cart Policy & Procedures
1) Due to route restrictions we cannot make any changes or accommodate any different routes.
2) Please be on time to start your walk on specified date and location. The walk leaves by noon promptly.
3) Road conditions and weather conditions can vary so we ask that you wear proper footwear and be prepared for all conditions.
4) Many spots along the route are rural and do not offer bathroom facilities.
5) Bring your own water