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Confirm your Walk & Talk date and time with Campaign Director, Marie Roberts


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walk2Students and school staff fundraise $100 (suggested) each


Students and school staff Walk with Joe –1km to a maximum of 5km into the school gym or auditorium where the presentation begins



The Push for Change youth presentation is designed to educate students on what youth homelessness is and is not. How over 65,000 young Canadians fall into street life each year and what each student can do to avoid poor choices that lead to vulnerability and despair. Joe will share his story as a former homeless youth who came from an average home. Walk with Joe through the tough streets of East Vancouver in the 1980’s and experience the depths and degradation of a former hope- less, homeless drug addict. Joe’s success as a school presenter is due to his honest and authentic message that educators are looking for.


Joe teaches us to see the power we all have within us to make a change in the world we live in. From a promise made on the streets 25 years ago, Joe was inspired to do something to “pay it forward”, to help other young people avoid this fate. The Push for Change is that promised real- ized, proving that we can make change if we have the courage to take action. Students will be inspired to look within and see their own possibilities.


The Push for Change offers strong opportunities for youth empower- ment. Before, during, and after Joe speaks, students and teachers will be invited to get involved in The Push for Change through social media, interactivity and a number of hands on fun(d)raising activities- some of which will be competing against other schools across Canada.